April 10, 2015

Men's Style

1. Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi // 2. 1/4 Zip: Tommy Bahama (75% off - Other colors: White, Gray, Brown)
3. Wallet: Nordstrom // 4. Watch:Ted Baker (50% off) // 5. Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
6. Socks: Nordstrom // 7. Loafer: Gordon Rush

Nordstrom Rack has great deals.  I tend to do a lot of shopping for my husband there.  They always seem to have really cheap, on trend items.  I try my best to keep my husband dressed well.  He is not a super trendy type, but that doesn't mean he has to dress like the 1990's.  Keeping the basics of jeans, shoes, and shirt/sweaters updated is the trick.  This look has been around for several years, but it is still classic.

1. Socks - Avoid white tube socks with dress shoes.  (It is a fashion faux pas, somewhat like wearing a shirt with a tie without a jacket or sweater - read more about that here or here.)  Some people are into Happy Socks - the fun, colorful socks, but a simple solid color sock is always safe.

2. Jeans - It is time to get rid of the baggy legged jeans - and look for a more tailored fit, like these.  The baggy legged "mom" jean of the 90's needs to go.  

3. Shoes - When wearing jeans, look for a dressier shoe or boot, avoid wearing the training or running shoe.  If you want to opt for the trendy sneaker you can, but avoid looking like you just came from the gym and forgot your shoes.


  1. YES, no white socks with dress pants and/or shoes!!!!
    I love that orange shirt especially with that plaid shirt... really makes me with my husband would let me dress him!

  2. It took me a long time to get my hubby off of the baggy jeans bandwagon ! A pair of more fitted jeans create a so much more polished look.
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  3. Good to see some men fashion! Great styling tips!
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