October 24, 2014

Coats under $100

Fur Coat ($38) // Moto Jacket ($37) //  Fur Jacket ($50)

Wool Boucle ($48) // Long Coat ($63) // Fur Trim ($60)

Toggle Coat ($73) // Long Coat ($75) // Leopard Coat ($65)

I started shopping at Forever 21 a couple years ago (when I was several years past the age of 21), when I found this awesome white blazer for $25 - it was lined and just as nice of quality as something I could have paid $100 for.  I have found some great finds - like this moto jacket for a fraction of the cost at another store.  And, depending on what you are looking for you don't have to be 21 (or near that) to wear it!

Plus, they have free shipping over $50.  And, right now there is $20 off $100 (Save20 - Online Only).

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  1. I've been eyeing that patchy faux fur jacket from F21 as well! It's so good and so 70's chic!



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