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One of my greatest accomplishments and experiences was going to NYC and studying fashion design at Parsons New School for Design.  I was extremely nervous about how I would fit in and compare to others that might have more experience in fashion than me (and were most likely younger). My summer intensive course covered everything from conceptualization to creating a runway collection - like Project Runway.  I learned about fashion illustration, pattern-making, and how to sew (on an industrial machine).  For the class, we had to design a 10 piece collection - and sew one of the garments - in a very short time! I had four days of sewing. At the end, I was thrilled (and extremely thankful) to be at the top of my class. The whole experience was so rewarding - a once in a lifetime opportunity, which I am so grateful for.

Now, I am using what I learned to turn my true dream of designing my own clothes into a reality.  I have found great partners for the production, custom knit and leather.  And, I will be making the products right here in the US.  I am busy sourcing materials, and putting together the final plans.  I will be sharing more in the upcoming weeks.

If all goes well, I hope to have my pieces ready to sell this summer, and a lot more to come this fall.  Every great thing takes time - I have learned.  Patience is key.  Stay tuned for more information...


  1. How in the heck did miss this announcement?! I mean I knew you were doing it, but woo hoo!

  2. How is this huge project progressing? Can't wait to see your beautiful things.

  3. I cannot wait to see the final product. Lisa, you are amazing!


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