May 31, 2018

Best Comfy + Stylish Athleisure Look

striped tote athleisure look

1. Fleece Hoodie (40% off) // 2. Stud Earrings // 3. Tank
4. Love Tote // 5. Leggings // 6. Sneakers

Athleisure is one trend I have a feeling will be around for awhile.  We all want to be comfy while running errands, and this look is both comfy and stylish.  Also, it would also be a great workout outfit, as well.  Plus, that cute zip-up hoodie is 40% off - and comes in 3 different colors.

Do you know how accomplishing just the smallest thing can make you feel better?  Well, I finally updated my Facebook cover. I have been cringing each time I looked at my page - but kept getting busy or distracted by other more pressing things.  I have now updated it - and I feel so much better.  Stop by and take a look, if you get a chance. (And, if you want to help me out - I am trying to get to 300 followers this week.)

I just bought this necklace set.

This is a cute sweatshirt with a bow detail in the back.

I like this cozy relaxed v-neck sweatshirt.

This popular striped jumpsuit is 50% off.

One of my favorite cardigans is 40% off.

These white jeans with flattering “lift/tuck technology” are 33% off.

This twist front tank is only $22 - and comes in 4 colors.

This is a really cute “top” - but not sure about the bodysuit part.

This chambray jumpsuit is 40% off.

I don’t think I would buy this wool shopper - but it is fun!

This pink striped tunic would make a great cover up for only $10.

A classic cardigan for only $15 that comes in several colors.

This knit tank is under $20 and come in 3 colors.

These are cute floral shorts on sale for $30.

This smocked hoodie is cute!

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  1. YES! I live in this look! Super cozy and yet put together. Great pairings!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod


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