August 4, 2017

Top Five "Hits & Misses" from #NSALE

There are only a few more days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - and then prices will go back up.

Since last week’s top five lists of my  “Hits and Misses” was so well received, I thought I would round up a few more of my top five hits and misses of the sale - since I think I have been continually ordering (and returning items) since the sale first launched.

1. I bought this cozy cardigan for a cool fall day - it is a little heavier and so very soft. I can’t wait to wear it!

2. I bought this for my husband - and he loved it!  He had a hard time deciding which color to keep - he liked them both.

3. I decided to keep this sweater in the burgundy red color - I though it would be a great worn with jeans and some fall booties.

4. I saw my favorite blogger try these on - and I ordered them.  I love them. I can’t wait to wear them this fall.  They are the on trend style and fabric for sure!  I also love these - but I did not buy them.

5.  I almost forgot about this sweater. I love simple, yet fun pullover sweaters - and I can’t wait to wear this one.  It looks great with jeans and pumps.

I bought this for my husband - I thought it would be a nice transitional jacket/fleece - but I had to agree with him that it seems a little “few years ago” style.

I thought I would love these short ankle booties - I picked a fun color - and was already planning how I would wear them this fall, but once I got them I decided the fit and the color was really not what I had hope, so they went back.

Another blogger talked about how she loves this skin care set.  It bought I would give it a try - but I returned it.  I could not get past the fact it smelled like 20 years ago - when it first became popular.

I love buying my favorite designer jeans for $100 off - but the fit on these was just not what I liked, so they went back.

I really had wanted to like this sweater - I had seen another blogger have it on during a try on session - but I did not like it on me. 

1. One of my favorite cardigans - available in five colors (and most sizes).  It is $30 off - and price will go back up in a few days.  (To be honest-  I think it is actually better quality than the most popular one that keeps selling out.)

2. This basic layering tee that is super soft and comfy - and this layering tee that I buy each year and is under $20.

3. These over the knee boots that looks just like the Stuart Weitzman Lowland ones - but for a fraction of the cost.

4. This suede moto jacket - that is the perfect color for fall. This similar option moto jacket is under $60 (but with additional sale making it under $40) - and also a perfect color for fall.

5. This shampoo, conditioner and body wash set - I wash my hands with the body wash each day (to converse it) - and I feel like I am at the beach!


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  1. Such a fun post, love that cozy cardi you bought and the Steve Madden booties are amazing! Have a wonderful weekend Lisa!

  2. I appreciate that you shared misses too not just what you liked!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Great post! Love your choices!


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