February 24, 2017

Men's Business Casual Look for Less and Style Tips

1. Shirt: H&M // 2. Belt: John Bartlett (Only $20) // 3. Pants: H&M
4. Dress Shoes: Alfani (Only $40) // 5. Shirt: Hugo Boss  // 6. Belt: Magnanni
7. Pants: Hugo Boss // 8. Shoes: Magnanni

I typically do not post about men’s fashion, but this week I was so excited when I found a “save” version of a similar belt that cost a lot more.  For the past year, I have been trying to find the right belt to match my husband’s shoes - and the closest I could find was this one that cost $150.  I was not about to spend that much on a belt.  Then, this week, I found an almost identical dupe for only $20. 

So, today I thought I would put together a men’s business casual look using the belt I found to show a save vs. splurge business casual men's look.

I do most of the shopping (and styling) for my husband - so I thought I would share a few tips I have learned, along with some basic wardrobe pieces.

1. Always match the belt to the shoes.  If you are wearing black shoes match it with a black belt, and same with brown shoes and brown belt.  And, match the browns.  Do not put an orange cognac shoe with a burgundy belt - or vice versa.

2. Do not wear a tie unless you plan to wear a sport coat, suit jacket, or sweater with the outfit.  I think the best way to sum up this concept is a quote from one of my favorite men's fashion sites that says - “Shirt, tie and no jacket is the wedding uniform of a nine-year-old.” (Source)

1. Nice pullover sweater that can be layered over a button down shirt and worn with dress pants or jeans.  The sweater can be crew (40% off), v-neck (40% off) or 1/4 zip (40% off).

2. Dress pants (great options $35 and under) that do not have pleats and are hemmed correctly.  You want the hem to have a slight break in the front on the shoe, but if they break in the back (or sides) they are too long.  See this article for more details on pant length.

3. A trim (but not too tight) dress shirt (33% off).  The shirt should not be baggy, like you could layer several shirts and your winter parka under it.  On the other side, it should not be so tight that it looks like you could pop a seam if you flexed.  These dress shirts are awesome. They are no iron, and they really do not need to be ironed.

4. A simple tee (only $10) - that looks expensive, but it does not have an expensive price tag.  You need a couple of go-to tees that you can wear under a blazer with jeans or casually with jeans or shorts.  If you want a more expensive tee - I really like the quality of these. They are really soft and are made of a thicker pima cotton. I buy them when they are on sale - and right now, these are 40% off.

5. Jeans - where do I start.  The bedazzled back pocket jeans need to go.  There was an article about just that in The Onion this week.  Invest in an updated pair of slim jeans (designer ones as low as $55).  Also, baggy jeans (circa 2006 and Tatum Channing in Step Up) and the Obama mom jeans need to go to, too.  You want a trim legged jean - not skin tight - just trimmer.

6. Dress shoes for dress pants and suits, and even worn with jeans (and the sweater from #1).  One black and one brown pair.  And, matching belts in black (only $20 and reversible with two colors) and brown (only $20).

7. Sneakers.  I just bought these (similar here) for my husband. They are $30 and are trendy but not too hip for someone that does not want to do the whole athleisure thing.

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Thanks for reading!  And, this weekend I will be sharing more top 5 deal posts - I plan to show some great price matching items.

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  1. I have the hardest time dressing my hubby because he does want to take the time to shop! This is a great post Lisa!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. I'm always shopping for my hubby so this is a very helpful post, great look for the guys! Enjoy your weekend Lisa!

  3. Oh, be still my heart. A tee and sports coat or jacket. Such a princely look. But my PC only wears it on rare occasions. Not sure why we bought those sports jackets last spring. Interested to read that belt and shoes for men need to be the same color. PC said that the other day and I told him all those old rules were out the window these days. Guess he was right.


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