June 15, 2015

Beach Time

1. Beach Umbrella: Sunnylife //  2. Top: Topshop // 3. Cool Down Lotion: Sun Bum
4. Sunscreen: Sun Bum // 5. Lip Balm: Sun Bum // 6. Sunglasses: Ray Ban
7. Shorts: Topshop // 8. Underwater Camera: Sunnylife // 9. Swimsuit: Topshop 
10. Sandals: Jack Rogers // 11. Dress: Topshop
12. Beach Chair: Sunnylife // 13. Portable Speaker & Radio: Sunnylife

By the water - pool, pond, lake, ocean - is one of my favorite places to hang-out in the summer.  I love sitting by the water in my beach chair. (I probably shouldn't admit this - but I was quite the tomboy growing-up, and I loved going to the lake to a rustic cottage. I would spend the week running around without shoes, hanging out in the murky, seaweed, and slimy water - fishing and tubbing. And, once, I ended up with a leech between my toes - yuck!  Today that would totally gross me out - but back then, I just rolled with it. Where did the carefree days of youth go???) One thing though, I do not particularly like to swim (probably due to the fact I almost drowned when I was two), but I do like to walk along the shore or sit out by the pool.  One of my favorite shops - Nordstrom - has some of the best floaties, like the flamingo or duck, and other fun beach stuff, like these mermaid fins, underwater camera, and a speaker/radio, which you can use with your iPhone.

"If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will— even if it’s not immediately obvious."


  1. i want it ALL!! So cute!!!!!

    Kiss Me Darling

  2. Oh my word! I need everything! This is so stinkin' cute! AND that suit! XO



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