April 5, 2021

5 Fun Facts about Me

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Did anyone else watch the final four basketball games this weekend, and happen to catch the UCLA vs Gonzaga game?  UCLA looked like it was going to force a second overtime - when Gonzaga hit an amazing 3-pointer from about 40 feet out to win the game.  What an ending to the back and forth game.

1. I have this uncanny ability to remember dates and years.  I can tell you what year, month, date, or weekend some events happened in my life or others.  And not just recent events - things that happened over 30 years ago or more.

2. When I was in elementary school I could run faster than the boys in my class - and I would actually challenge them to races to prove I could run faster.  

3. I use this men's shaving cream - and I have for years.  I just love the smell of it!

4. I had a professor in college challenge us that we should go out with at least 50 different guys before we got married.  I took him up on the challenge.  My roommate would always tease me because I would go to the library to study, and come home with a new date for the weekend.  

5. I skipped 7th grade math.  I took 8th grade math as a 7th grader.  This allowed me the opportunity to take Calculus my senior year - which was one of my favorite classes.


I like this "scuba" tank for summer.

This buttery soft leather jacket for 80% off.

These leggings are on sale for $7.

I like this purple sweatshirt for $20.

This new fuzzy cardigan.

These best selling compression leggings.

This summer henley is 50% off.

I just bought this bralette to layer under my lace top.

This layering necklace.

Sweatshirt (Only $15) // Jeans // Combat Boots // Necklace + Charm

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  1. Your 5 fun facts are so interesting! I cannot imagine being able to recall days, months, years like you can. Dating 50 guys sounds like a good challenge too and being able to run faster than the boys sounds fun- I'd have challenged them all too to prove it!

  2. Lisa! I was nodding my head because we are just so much alike, which I knew anyway but even more so now! I was the same way with math and it was my favorite subject despite going to college to teach social studies, LOL! But I too can remember dates and I can also remember what I was wearing on that day, LOL! You look so cute in that outfit!

  3. First off I love the combat boots! Comfort is key for me! I wish I could still run as fast as I could back in elementary school!

  4. I wish I had a better memory for dates and events! Dating 50 guys is quite the challenge! Love your outfits and those combat boots!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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