March 24, 2021

My Top Five Favorite Hair Products

Happy Wednesday!

I thought I would share my top five hair products. A few years ago, I had the most horrible hair cut. It was a new stylist that had come highly recommended. She was supposed to cut-off about an inch (maybe two) at the most - well, she messed up - and ended up taking off probably six-seven inches. I wanted to cry! I actually did cry.  I know it is only hair - but I had been growing it out for over a year - and she had managed to cut it all off!

Anyway, in my effort to regrow my hair (quickly) - I started looking for products to make it grow and stay healthy.  Here are five products I found and used.  Also, I started round-brushing my hair with this brush to straighten it - and it definitely made it healthier and added just the right amount of texture.

1. Length Strengthening Shampoo + Conditioner
I love the  smell of it - and I really believe it helped make my hair healthier and grow faster.

2. Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner
I have been using this for years - and it helps to stimulate, protect, and volumize hair. And, it really works!

3. Recovery Shampoo + Conditioner
It definitely hydrates (dried out hair) and prevents split ends.  I went a year without getting my hair cut - and it was still healthy.

Best product to protect your hair - it smells great and gives it a little shine.

5. Best Hairspray
This hairspray has the best smell - and it is the right amount of hold - not to heavy or sticky - just perfect.


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  1. I know that feeling all too well when your hair is cut way shorter than you wanted - ugh - it is heartbreaking! Thank goodness for products that help it grow quickly!

  2. This was perfect because your hair always looks so amazing! A couple of these I’m gonna have to try!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! I haven't tried any of these hair products and need to check out the Keranique and TIGI Catwalk.

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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