October 16, 2020

My Fall Purchases + Most Popular Items

Striped Sweater (Only $25) // Tunic Sweater (with Matching Skirt)

Happy Friday!

I learned a new word today - "shacket".  It is the combination of a "shirt" and a "jacket" - or what I have been referring to as a "shirt jacket".  I bought this "shacket" (or shirt jacket) earlier this year; however, the fit was off a little for me, so I returned it (but I loved the neutral colors).  Yesterday, I found this one - it is really a "jacket" but it has the look of a "shacket" and was over 50% off.

So, I am not doing a lot of shopping this fall - because let's be real - where am I going.  However, I am still working from home - and on Zoom calls - so some new sweaters (and nice sweatshirts) are always fun to have.  And, I have bought some warmer jackets and fun boots - because all my going out has consisted of eating outside.  I have to say - last weekend it was pretty chilly out at night - but with heat lamps - it was toasty warm.  So, as long as the heat lamps and weather stays somewhat temperate - I hope to continue to eat out. 


I just bought this plaid jacket for 55% off.

This favorite sweater of mine is 60% off.

This cozy sherpa sweatshirt for $21.

This ombre sweater for 50% off.

I bought these boots on sale - and with a gift card.


This cozy sweater that was 50% off.

This zip up sweater for only $25.

This wool coat with a removable collar - and it's on sale!

This side snap sweatshirt.

These cute mules.

This classic long cardigan.


I love the neutral colors of this jacket.

This sherpa lined flannel shirt jacket.

This neutral light beige "shacket".

I love plaid colors of this jacket.


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1 comment:

  1. Ooooh love the boots you ordered! I'm on a combat boot kick lately. I ordered a "shacket" from Anthro but it's on backorder until November, I can hardly wait for it to arrive!
    Have a great weekend!


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