October 20, 2019

Fall Shopping Deals

Sherpa Sweatshirt (50% off - Available in several colors)

Leopard Puffer (On Sale $31) // Leopard Puffer

Sherpa Fleece (50% off) 

I hope you are having a great weekend!

There are a lot of great deals happening right now.  I am sharing just a few...

This popular hair dryer is on sale.

This cute plaid jacket is 70% off.

This fuzzy sweater - available in 5 colors.

This sweater is only $20 - and it looks so comfy!

I like this plaid sweater that is on sale.

These white boots are 50% off.

I want to buy this Christmas ornament for my tree.

This sweater is 40% off.

I like this dainty necklace for tees and v-neck sweaters.

These cozy Ugg slippers are 30% off.

These popular Sorel boots are 40% off.

This leopard faux fur jacket with the pink trim is too fun - and on sale!

I love the colors in this plaid jacket that is 40% off.

I share more deals HERE.

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1 comment:

  1. If I lived up north I'd get those Sorrel boots immediately! I saw so many like that on our trip and with all the cold and rain they would have been nice on my feet! Also - love that ornament you want for your tree!
    Have a wonderful Monday!


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