December 14, 2018

Christmas Plaid + Funny Gift Ideas

Happy Friday!  Can you believe Christmas is a little more than a week away?!?

This is my favorite time of year - and I don't want it to be over.  I hope this next week goes on as long as possible.

Also, don't miss out on the 50% off and free shipping at J. Crew, Ann Taylor, LOFT
This popular quilted vest is on sale for $14 - with free shipping!

This chunky black sweater.

This very popular buffalo plaid knit hat.

These velvet leggings that are 50% off.

This 3 piece necklace set for under $20.

This look alike Louis Vuitton tote for only $32!

This light cracks me up!

These are some large... I love that this gift actually come with instructions.

Do you love French Fries - check out these plushies.

This gift cracked me up.  I am just wondering how it can be a rainbow of smiles inside…

Check your memory with this world’s smallest memory maze.

These are for those emergency situations.

The largest stuffed plushie.

I want to put this one on people’s car sometimes.

I bought this gift for an office white elephant party a few years ago - and it was the hit of the party!

I am not sure I have seen a public one these that bad - but for that rare occasion - this might come in handy.

This is the best cookbook!

These loafers are sale for $40.

This classic blazer is a great deal.

This leopard slouchy beanie is on sale for $7.

These Hunter boots are on sale for $90.

This fuzzy cardigan looks so warm.

I want to buy this puffer jacket that is 40% off.

This pom beanie is on sale for $7!

And, if you are looking for gift ideas and have Amazon Prime - check out "The Shop" HERE.

Plaid Vest (Updated Color Option HERE - 50% off) // Plush Jacket Outfit HERE

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  1. Not only do I love plaid but these funny gifts are so great, I think my Mr. Nine and boys may be getting some of these, I just ordered the emergency underpants for a gag gift. Happy Friday sweet friend!

  2. All these fun gift ideas are cracking me up! Some of them would definitely make my boys laugh too, I am always looking for some fun things for their stockings!


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