September 4, 2017

Q & A Session - Back to School Questions

plaid skirt fall outfit
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend.  Today, I am joining my friends at The Blended Blog for our monthly Q & A session.  This month we are answering back to school questions.  Last month, we talked about our favorite summer traditions - which you can read more about here.

Since these are school-themed questions, I picked this picture (and outfit) because my K-12 school colors were red and grey (just like Ohio State); however, our school fight song was the Michigan fight song - go figure!

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1. Did you like or dislike school?
This is a mixed question for me.  I had fun at school - but I would always get really sad when I had to go back at the end of summer and Christmas break - because I did not like the "pressure" of school.  I liked just having fun.

2. What was your favorite breakfast before school?
My mom used to make me cinnamon toast.  That's all I remember eating - but I think I ate oatmeal and cereal.

3. What was your favorite cereal?
Probably Cheerios.  I ate these since I started eating solid foods as a baby - they were always my favorite snack and still are today.  I really only eat three cereals - Rice Chex, Cheerios, and Raisin Bran.

4. Did you ride the bus or walk to school?
It was kind of a combo.  My dad drove me to school in the morning, and I walked home after school.  In junior high, I had to ride the bus home from school.  It was not fun - there were bullies on my bus - and carrying a violin and being shy was just a big sign to "pick on me" - I did not enjoy it at all.  Finally, by my junior/senior year of high school, I had a car and could drive myself.

5. Did you carry a back pack?
I always carried a back pack to/from school.  I even carried it around in junior high during the day because we had to change buildings - and it was the easiest way to carry everything between buildings.

6. Did you pack your lunch or buy school lunches?
I always packed my lunch.  And, I really do not like to admit it but in junior high my lunch consisted of Nutty Bars and chips - which is so different than the lunch I pack for work today, which is a salad.

7. Did you do your homework right after school or after dinner?
I always did it right after school; however, by my senior year, I didn’t have many classes left to take (I really should have started taking college courses - and saved money and time in college - but I liked high school), so I would do most of my homework at school.  I was really lucky in high school that my principle let me come to school 2nd period (skip 1st period), in exchange for working in the office.  Then, I also worked in the guidance office another period, and was a teacher assistant another - so I had plenty of time for homework.  I never liked study hall - so that is why I opted to work instead.

8. What was your favorite after school snack?
Funny - I can’t remember.  My mom taught school - so she would be home soon after me - so we usually would eat an early dinner.

9.  What was your favorite subject in school?
It is hard to decide.  I loved math - calculus and geometry were probably two of my favorites, followed by foreign language - German, and science classes.  I went to the state science fair my sophomore year in high school.  I also loved art. 

10. What were your least favorite subjects in school?
That's easy - Reading, English and History, which is kind of ironic because my mom taught all three of these subjects.

11. What was your favorite school activity?
I changed the question from TV show to activity.  I was always busy after school - with either cheerleading practice, games, or ice skating, track and piano lessons.  I kept pretty busy in school with extra-curricular activities.

12. Did you take the ACT or SAT?
I actually took both - but ACT was more common, and the score I used for college.

13. What was your favorite year in school?
That is really hard to pick.  I loved my junior and senior year in high school.  I think I was finally out of the "harassing" years - and had found a group of friends that I really enjoyed.  My junior high days were really rough.  I'm just glad I lived during the days of no social media - I cannot image what it is like for kids today.

14. What is one your favorite memories of school?
I was a cheerleader - and cheering at high school football games with one of my best friends - is probably one of my favorite memories.  There is just something about high school football games in the fall - with all the fans and community.

15.  Did you get new clothes for school?
Back to school shopping is probably one of my favorite memories of school.  Each year, my mom would take me shopping. There was a limit to what I would get - like new sneakers, a couple tops, and new jeans. And, when I was in high school, she would give me $100 to spend on new clothes. I would usually buy all sweaters with the money.  There were these unique boutique shops we would go to where I could buy one-of-kind like items.

1. This fluffy shearling-like biker jacket - that looks so cozy.

2. This leopard coat.

3. This $13 sweater that comes in 7 colors.

4. These girlfriend jeans.

5. These loafer flats - because I lived in loafers in high school.  And, these are 40% off.

It is still the holiday weekend - so here are more of my sale picks here and here.

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  1. So fun reading your answers sweet Lisa..Yep I knew you were aMath girl too. I also hated Jr. high....ugh. Later high school and college years were the best!! LOVE that plaid skirt on you!!

  2. Awww..I was a cheerleader too! Such great memories from it. Have a great week, Lisa!

  3. First off- love the tartan school girlish! I never knew you played violin- ah, the things we learn!!!

  4. Pretty back-to-school look! Like too that you picked and chose the questions to answer!! Off to check out some of the great deals you posted about!! Have a great day!!

  5. I did a lot of after school activities too...including cheering! I didn't cheer for football though because I ran CC the first two years and then played volleyball the last two. I cheered for BB because besides BB (and I was short) there wasn't another girl sport until gymnastics and that was the next season.

  6. How fun to find out more about you!!!
    And thanks for linking up with the Ageless Style group!


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