November 25, 2016

Black Friday Funny Gifts & Gifts for Him

If you are looking for something funny for a gift exchange or someone who loves funny gifts (like I do), here a couple of ideas. (I bought this a few years ago for a work party - and it was the "hit" of the gift exchange.)

1. I would like to use this “button” some times when people talk.

2. Or, this one when they just won’t stop complaining and I may need to get out the tiny violins...

3. And, sometimes, I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy - because this cracked me up.  I am just wondering how it can be 100% Magical, Majestic and Mythical…

4. Well, this would just be a “bag” of fun at someone’s house (for a Christmas party). And, kind of goes along with my 10 year old boy sense of humor.

5. Now, these are some big…  I love that they actually come with instructions. And, you can buy a set if you buy this - the world largest…

Now, for more serious gifts.  If you are looking for something for your husband or boyfriend, here are my top five picks.

1.  This polo would be great for someone that likes to golf or has a business casual attire for work. And, it is 33% off and a great price.

2. Help your man out - and get rid of the "mom" jeans or the "bejeweled" jeans.  Update with some classic trim fit jeans, like these.

3. Along with updating the jeans, get some shoes to along with the jeans, like these rugged boots or some nice lace up shoes - these are super comfy, light-weight and 40% off!

4.  A leather bag for someone that carries his laptop (or work) back and forth from home to work each day.  This bag has multiple pockets and is 33% off!

5. A nice watch adds to any look and this one is dressy, yet fun with its dark steel color and deep burgundy face.

If you are looking for some gifts for her - I shared all my top picks here.


  1. OMG! Those funny gifts are REALLY funny! I'll share this with my hubby for great gag gifts for the office party!

  2. First, I have got to get my Prince into some better fitting jeans. I might have to splurge this Christmas. He is such a hunk(!) and should be wearing better-fitting jeans. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    At our house we aren't allowed to say that F-A-R-T word, we say fluffy and fluffed. Pardon me, I fluffed. So this unicorn fluff is perfect for my granddaughter's stocking. She is really into fluffies these days.


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