March 18, 2015

Denim Series: Flared Jeans

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Distressed: MOTHER // Slight Flare: MiH
 Budget: Old Navy ($25) // Wide Hem: True Religion Brand Jeans

Today I am starting my DENIM SERIES.  Each week, I will focus on a denim trend for spring/summer 2015 and talk about things like - how to wear them, different styles available, and is this age appropriate.

Seen on the runway last fall (for the upcoming spring 2015 season) was the flared jean.  Flared jeans have been around for the last decade (or maybe a little less), but this season they are becoming the “it” jean with this Boho 70's trend.  Skinny jeans are still trending, along with the boyfriend, and now girlfriend jeans, but flared are moving up to a top trend.  If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, this is a great way to update your look. 

If you are not in your 20's or 30's, you may be wondering if there is an age limit.  My recommendation is that I would leave the extreme flared or distressed ones (and probably the colored ones, except for the neutral colors of beige, gray, white, and black) to the younger girls; but, you can easily (and appropriately) pull off a minimal flare (something like the slightly flared boot cut above) or the more trouser cut (the ones with a wider hem) and not an extreme flare. 

Shoe choice and length are important too when wearing flares.  For length, you want the jeans to almost skim the floor for the most part.  It they are too short - they will look like floods - and this is not flattering.  I had a pair of flares hemmed too short once - and I wore them one day not knowing - and I felt so self-conscious and uncomfortable all day. I kept trying to wear them as low as I could - so it wasn't extremely obvious - but it looked ridiculous.  So, if you need to have them hemmed, make sure you bring the shoes you plan to wear with them to the tailor.  And, with flared jeans, if you plan to wear heels and flats, you will need two pairs of jeans.  

As far as shoes, a heeled (pointy toe) pump looks best.  It elongates the length of your leg, and for most of us, that is what we want.  If you can't wear heels, you can always try a pointy toe flat, which gives the illusion of a heeled shoe.  But, with either shoe, be sure to be conscious of the hem length.

(A lot of these are on sale!)

I have shared a few pictures from a some of my favorite bloggers wearing flared jeans.  They are all wearing more loosely fitted tops, which I think looks great on all these girls.  For a more structured, classic look (and probably for those not in the 20-30s age range), I would go with a button-up shirt (tucked in), a crop sweater (but not belly revealing), or the half-tuck - tucked in the front loosely with draping in the back.

[Note: If you use Pinterest, I have pinned this image, if you want to "Pin it" for reference for later.]

 Check back next Wednesday for my thoughts on my another denim trend.  Also, if you have thought about denim and denim (pairing denim on top and bottom), here are my thoughts.

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One {The Sweetest Thing} / Two {Sequins & Things}
Three {Pink Peonies} / Four {Little Miss Fearless}


  1. Lisa, I LOVE this post. I've been eyeing up some flared jeans and can't seem to remember how I use to style them...definitely have given me some inspiration, thanks friend!

  2. This is such a great post! I have a pair of flare jeans that I love to wear when I just get sick of wearing skinny jeans. I am thrilled that this trend will be big in the fall.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. I am obsessed with flares, and always have been! I will be wearing them to the grave, I swear! :)


    1. Thanks, Shauna! You always look great and style flared jeans so well!


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