December 6, 2013

Finds & Deals: Ann Taylor Looks

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I like Ann Taylor for its classic, professional looks.  Recently, they have done a good job of updating their merchandise, but still staying true to its customer. If you are looking for something new that is high quality and can be worn for several seasons, Ann Taylor is a good place to look - and be sure to shop when they have sales - they regularly have 30-50% off, like 40% off today (12/7) - Code: Gift3.

Shop the Looks:
1. Polka Dot Top / 2. Leather Bow Belt / 3. Crepe Pants  / 4. Polka Dot Pumps 
5. Cocktail Bow Bracelet  / 6. Clutch / 7. Crystal Cocktail Ring / 8. Polka Dot Scarf
9. Turtleneck / 10. Bow Pants / 11. Bow Pumps

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  1. Ann Taylor has really, really stepped up their game! Love their Winter collection.

  2. I love the bow pants, so cute. They always have 50% of sales, which make it a great deal!

    1. I really like the all red look with the bow pants - and I might add an accent of leopard... just for fun!

  3. Great selection!

  4. OMG!! The polka dots blouse is calling my name. I have a red and white, but I need one in black.
    Btw, thanks so much for visiting my blog! You have a great blog and I will follow you on Bloglovin.

    1. Thanks, Carelia! I love that polka dot top, too. Also, following your great blog.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about Ann Taylor! Every piece is so chic & professional.

    Xo Miriam


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