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June 17, 2018

Summer Deals + Sales

Button Front Dress (Only $20) // Floral Top (Only $13) // Ruffle Blouse (Only $16)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

How about this classic striped “perfect shirt”?

I just picked up these peep toe booties for half price.

How about this mixed print halter top that is 40% off?

I keep waiting for these sandals to go on sale.

This cute strappy litltle “blue” dress is 40% off.

This camo and palm print combo print dress (which is a great combo) and only $15.

This popular blue and white striped ruffle skirt is 40% off.

This classic black maxi dress (that also comes in other colors) is only $26.

This new camo dress would look great with sneakers - and is a great price.

This floral ruffle wrap dress is still one of my favorites.

I like this new cap sleeve camo tee that comes in three colors.

This cap sleeve tee is 40% off - and something I might buy.

This really cute fringed off the shoulder dress is 40% off.

Just in case you missed it - I shared my favorite jeans HERE.

And, more deals and most popular items HERE.

Looking to create a stylish outfits from your closet - check out my inspiration HERE.

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June 15, 2018

My Favorite Purchases + Most Popular Items

most popular items top blogger

Floral Garden Kimono // Dot Cami // Jumpsuit
(These are all 40% off!)

Happy Friday!

I am excited about the weekend and sunshine.  I am trying to be positive in anything I say or do - to combat any negativity that tries to invade my mind!  Anyone else do that?  There is power in positive thinking.

"Positive thoughts and positive speech encourage positive responses."
 - From a favorite author of mine.

This ruffle blouse that comes in different colors and prints.

This flutter cap sleeve blouse for only $13.

This striped cardigan - that is one of my favorite ones and is 40% off.

This classic (wear with jeans) button down shirt.

These cute pajamas that are 50% off.

I bought this sweater for 50% off - and I love it!

I picked up this sweater for 40% off.

This striped jumpsuit - which is totally out of my comfort zone - and it's 40% off.

My can't stop wearing jeans.

This perfect cami - worn alone or under a blazer or cardigan.

This eyelet lace peplum top is very popular.

Have you seen this jumpsuit - with a tie in the front - and criss-cross detail in the back!

This striped ruffle front dress is only $30.

I still love this tie front tank top that is now 40% off - and comes in three colors.

This classic striped tee with side slits is only $20!

These striped pants are fun - and on sale!

I love this classic sweater tee - and its color and it's 40% off.

This shirt dress is classic and stunning - and also 40% off!

These are fun beaded earrings.

These striped pants are cute - and 40% off.

shopbop sale

Striped Top // Floral Dress // Camo Tee (Set of 2 for $27 on sale!)

There is an additional 25% off the sale price sale that ends today!  There are some great deals - check them out HERE.  There are some cute tops - like the eyelet ruffle top or gingham peplum one.

Looking to create a stylish outfits from your closet - check out my inspiration HERE.

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June 14, 2018

My New Favorite High Waisted Jeans

best fitting high rise jeans

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans?

I am pretty picky about my jeans, and for the longest time, I thought I had found my “perfect-fit" jeans; however, recently, I started to hear about THESE GREAT JEANS.  I didn’t think much of it at first - until I started to hear more and more about them; so, I decided to give them a try.

After buying a pair, I have to say - they definitely lived-up to the hype. They are amazing! 

I am very particular about my jeans. I have two main criteria - fit and stretch.  As far as fit, I have become a “high rise jeans” only person. They are just more comfortable.  I do not like the awkward sit down and quickly tug a shirt over the back of my pants (so no one sees down my pants).  These jeans pass that test - they fit really well around the waist with no awkward gaping.  Plus they are just the right amount of high rise. I am not into that super high waisted trend.  My second criteria is stretch.  I have had jeans in the past that continually stretch-out, so that by the end of the day my jeans have become almost a size or two bigger.  These jeans do not stretch-out with wear.  I can wear them over and over - and they stay the same shape with still having enough stretch to be comfortable.

I can honestly say - these are the jeans I wear on most days.  And, my husband would agree. After seeing me wear them day after day - he asked me - are you going to wear other jeans or just these new ones you bought?  

One thing, as far as sizing, they run a little big on me; so, I actually sized down one size.  

5. Sandals // 6. Eyeliner // 7. Scalloped Tote (Under $50)

This ruffle blouse comes in 6 colors and is 33% off.

This fun striped midi skirt is very colorful.

This new arrival babydoll top has the cutest embroidered neckline and ruffles.

A summer floral sundress for only $23.

This striped shirtdress is only $23.

This white lace dress is only $64 - and would be a great summer party dress.

If you love gingham - you will love this top.

This wrap eyelet top would be perfect for a summer day!

This cute lemon print two piece bikini with ruffles (and is reversible) is only $24.

This sweatshirt is still 40% off - and there is one color left - hurry!

This pretty ruffle blouse would be great for a wedding or shower look.

These sneakers might make you want to workout.

These embellished pearl slides are only $23.

This fun gingham top has a peplum hem and is only $33.

Looking to create a stylish outfits from your closet - check out my inspiration HERE.

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June 13, 2018

How to Wear White + Turquoise for Summer

white jeans straw circle bag wedge espadrilles


For some reason, white and turquoise just looks like summer to me.  Maybe because the colors remind me of the packaging on one of my favorite hair products that smells like the beach.  If you have never tried MOROCCANOIL - I highly recommend it!  The smell is amazing - and it stays with you all day long!

Want to know something about me?  I have a hard time spelling the word - turquoise.  Anyone have those words that you have Google to figure out the spelling - or use autocorrect (if it finds the right word).  I honestly had to keep looking back at how to spell it.  It does not matter how many times I looked at it - I kept forgetting how to spell the - "uoi" part of the word.

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow - I am going to be sharing my new favorite jeans - that everyone should know about.  I thought I had a favorite - but these have replaced them.  Any guesses?  Check tomorrow to find out!


June 12, 2018

Leopard Swimsuit + Blonde Sweatshirt

summer pool outfit

4. Straw Tote // 5. Denim Shorts // 6. Sandals (Only $15)

What is up with this weather?  I am ready for sunny summer weather.  It has rained and been cloudy more days than sunny lately.  It kind of reminds me of years ago when we used to go to the lake in June -  and it always rained.  We would laugh about it because it never failed - the week we picked to go to the lake - it would be a rainy week; however, somehow we always managed to have a great time, even in the rain!


June 10, 2018

More Weekend Finds + Deals

summer trends

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Here are just a few more picks.  Also, that fun palm print jumpsuit is only $33!  And, the embroidered top is only $20!


June 9, 2018

Weekend Sales + Deals

loft sales loveloft

Happy Saturday!  Just sharing a quick round up of some great summer finds & deals.


June 8, 2018

Top Clicks + Weekly Round Up of Deals

Happy Friday! Friday is probably my favorite day of the week, especially around 5pm - because the weekend has started and the pressure is off (work related, that is!).  I don't think I am alone in this. Am I?

Today, I am rounding up a lot of great finds & deals.  Also, I would like to mention that that cute gingham dress above is only $20!

Also, I am sharing the most popular items of the week (or top clicks).


June 7, 2018

9 Summer Dresses + Tops to Shop

shopbop summer dresses shopbop minkpink

dolce vita sandals marc jacobs tote
Sandals // Tote (40% off) // Slide Sandals

Is summer your favorite season?  For a lot of people, it is.  I enjoy summer.  I love the warmth, the sun, and being outside; however, summer is not my favorite style season.  I enjoy fall and winter clothes more.  I love boots, jackets, sweater, and jeans.   Summer means hot weather and the need for shorts!

Full disclosure, I do not like wearing shorts - in public.  I have always been critical of my legs, especially the “whiteness” at the start of summer.  We recently had a heat wave where I live, and I had to be outside - and needed to wear shorts, so I thought I would try some self tanner - to add a little color to my legs.  As hard as I tried to have it turn out “natural” - it ended up with those annoying streaks - right down the front of my shin and ankle!  After the debacle, a friend reminded me of this “airbrush tanner” product.  I have heard great reviews of it before - so I am going to give it a try.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Anyone else have great self tanner products they highly recommend?


June 6, 2018

Striped Tee + Slides for Summer

4. Tote // 5. Jeans // 6. Embellished Slides

Do you have a favorite dessert? One of my favorites is a peanut butter cup blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I love the mix of the peanut butter with the vanilla and the "crunch" of the chocolate.  The other day I talked about some of my summer favorites - and Dairy Queen is one of them.  I have so many great memories of going to DQ in the summer with friends and family.  (If you can't tell - I love ice cream!)

As I ponder my favorite dessert, check out this cute summer look.  How about this striped summer tee and those embellished sandals.  I actually just ordered those summer slides. I wanted a more "fun" sandal - so I thought I would give those a try.  I'll let you know what I think.  Hopefully, the "embellishment" isn't too much.

Also, I wanted to mention that the (faux) leather moto jacket is under $100 - it is a great looking jacket for that price!


June 4, 2018

Summer Q + A and More About Me

Image Source

Don't you love that porch swing?  I think I could sit on that for hours.

Today, I am sharing a little more about me in a Summer Q & A with The Blended Blog


June 3, 2018

Summer Dress, Ruffle Tops, Woven Sandals + More

marc jacbos sam edelman old navy

Blouse // Earrings (30% off) // Stripe Top (Only $15) // Wallet // Woven Sandals (40% off) 

Hope you are having a great weekend.  I am sharing some more summer items to check out.


June 2, 2018

Essential Summer Tops & Summer Sandals

capri sandals striped shirt old navy

Earrings (30% off) // Off Shoulder Dress // Striped Top (Under $20) // Sandals (Under $10)

Happy Saturday!

I have picked out a few cute summer tops and the cutest summer sandals.


June 1, 2018

Off the Shoulder Palm Dress + New Summer Arrivals

summer dress striped tee old navy

Happy Friday!

This week has been so busy, and I am totally exhausted.  I am getting closer and closer to my new designs and start-up design business; however, the process has literally worn me out!  I am ready for a V-AC-A-T-I-O-N!

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