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August 27, 2015

My Favorites: Leopard Pumps & Totes

Reversible Tote: Street Level (Under $50, plus new gray color) // Pumps: Halogen (old) (Almost identical here

Leopard pumps: Halogen (old) (Almost identical here) // Jeans: Paige (Seen here)

If you follow me on Instagram (@DailyStyleFinds), you may have noticed I love leopard pumps. I wear them so much, I noticed that the inside of my latest pair has worn out, so I just ordered a new pair - and bought them during the buy one, get one 50% off sale, plus, I got them for $27

A side note...  Yesterday, I was shopping on a particular site, which I will not name.  The site had a couple of deals running.  Well, that is what looked like; however, the one deal was redeemable at a later date, but no where on the site did it mention it.  I contacted customer service to inquire. And, guess what - through my explanation of the confusion on the site, I got the additional deal credited to my purchase that day (rather than at the later date) and today there is an updated banner on the store's site indicating the dates of the sale - win/win!  It reminded me to ask, question, and see what people will do.  If you feel strongly about something - ask!  You can't loose - and maybe you will get something for your effort.

So, thanks "my long time favorite store" for hearing me!


(All under $60 - most are reversible - so two totes for the price of one!)


  1. Wow - what a great deal! I Love these pumps - Gorgeousness! l am always on the lookout for leopard shoes to add to my collection. Great bag, as well. Perfect for this fall and winter.

  2. That's awesome that you still got the deal! And leopard, yes, I need to find a new pair of flats...mine are worn out.

  3. Great shoes but that bag! I have a weakness for bags :)

  4. I love those heels and that tote bag! They would look so great in my wardrobe

  5. Love the shoes!! I have that bag also and carry it daily! Susan

  6. Gosh, I love the Edelman's and the NineWest. Wish I would hurry up and get paid for my subbing so I could a new pair of leopard pumps. Gorgeous shoes. Great shopper, YOU!!!

  7. That tote is just amazing! Loving the price point!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  8. Both are perfect! I have them in my closet and I have wore them so many times!!! Definitely a MUST-HAVE!
    We Shop in Heels

  9. I love the pumps and the handbag. So nice. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. This is every girls dream. Just awesome :)

  11. Cute shoes, and even cuter bag! Love the colors, perfect for fall.

  12. Leopard print pumps are the most elegant pumps!

  13. I haven't learned how to walk in heels but some leopard flats would work too, these are definitely something to have in my wardrobe :))


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